Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Do if My Garbage Disposal is Not Working?

Check to see if the reset button on the bottom of the disposal is tripped.

Can I Still Use My Plumbing While You Are Replacing My Sewer?

Yes we make sure that it is working every day after we leave the job site, but we do ask you to not flush the toilet while work is in progress.

What Is a Clean Out, and How Do I Know if I Have One?

A clean out is an access point to your sewer. They are usually located around the perimeter of the home within 2 feet, or in the basement. Sometimes it will be located below the landscaping, so you may have to dig a little to find it.

Is There a Difference in Cost if I Have a Clean Out?

Yes! If you have a clean out we can access your sewer from either just outside your home or from inside the basement. If you do not have a clean out, the only other way to access your sewer main is to pull a toilet. Pulling a toilet to gain access to a sewer is more expensive. This is due to the cost of replacing disposable parts such as the wax ring seal and mounting bolts w/ supply tube. Any replaced seals are warrantied for one year.

How Long Does It Take? Do I Have to Be There?

Usually a camera sewer scope will take about 30-45 min. This will include an extensive diagnostic of your pipes current condition. We will let you know about any root intrusions, bellies, cracked pipes, etc. If you have an exterior cleanout and it is accessible from outside the home, it is not necessary for anyone to be there. However, If access can only be obtained through an interior cleanout or toilet, someone will need to meet the technician on site.

How Do I Know if My Drain Line Is Broken or Just Clogged?

After every drain cleaning, we perform a complimentary camera inspection to verify the cause of your blockage. This allows us to pinpoint any major problem areas and give you permanent solutions to your problems.

What Size Does a Drain Have to Be to Snake?

This varies depending on the drainline, and piece of equipment used. Harts Services is capable of cleaning drain lines from 1.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter.

What Happens if a Snaking Doesn't Work?

If we are unable to clear a blockage with a cable machine (snake) we have a hydrojetter that essentially pressure washes your sewer line. This can take care of almost any issue unless the pipe is broken or collapsed. If the sewer pipe is collapsed or broken, the only option is to dig it up and replace that section.

How Long Does It Take? Do I Have to Be There?

Usually hydro jetting your mainline sewer will take from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the situation and condition of your sewer pipe. If you have an outside cleanout we can do the job without you there, but we recommend customers always being onsite during a drain cleaning so that when we do the complimentary camera inspection, they can see what is going on in real time.

Can I Just Do a Snaking Instead?

Most of the time we will start with a snake or cable machine to try and clear a blockage. But when there are many root intrusions, or grease build up, we have to take it up a notch and use the hydrojetter. Because the hydrojetter pushes water at 18 gallons per minute at 4ooo psi we are able to cut through roots and grease to restore flow to any sewerline that has not been collapsed.

What if My Sewer Can't Be Hydrojetted?

The only reason you could not hydro jet a sewer mainline would be, if it is collapsed or broken. In this case we will be able to give you a solution to dig up and repair at minimum the section of pipe that is broken. This will restore flow and give us the ability to diagnose the remaining pipe to the city connection.

It Comes on Frequently, Is That Okay?

The short answer is yes. However, if it is the middle of summer with little to no groundwater infiltration to the sump basin, you may have a problem. Give us a call and one of our technicians can come out and diagnose the problem.

What Is the Average Cost?

The cost to replace and entire sewer can very drastically depending on depths, street material (gravel vs asphalt), and length of repair. Most residential sewer mains in the Tacoma area are between 50 to 100 feet, with an average cost of between $7K to $12K.

Why Do This over Digging a Trench?

If you have extensive landscaping on your property, or any structures like a garage or sidewalk built over your sewer main, pipe bursting is your best option. Pipe bursting will create the least amount of damage to the ground because we only have to dig 2 access holes to pull the new sewer pipe through. Also if your sewer pipe is made from Orangeburg, we are unable to re-line this type of material, so pipe bursting is your only non-trench solution.

What if I'm Connected with My Neighbor's Sewer Line?

If you have a shared sewer line, or you are connected to your neighbor’s sewer line in the City of Tacoma, as of January 1st 2016 you must be separated from your neighbors line and be connected to the city main sewer independently.

Is This the Only Option for Replacing a Water Line?

Pipe Boring is not the only option, but it is usually the most efficient. The other option is to dig a trench, which will disrupt the landscaping.

What Is the Average Cost?

The average cost to bore an entire new water main for residential use in the Tacoma area is between $3K-$5K. The price depends on the length, depth, and other utilities that need to be crossed.

Will My Water Need to Be Off/Will I Be out of Service?

Yes, while your new water main is being pipe bored or installed, the water to your house will need to be off. Almost all water line jobs are finished within the same day we start.